Christianity is a communion of believers in Jesus Christ who is the Saviour of humanity. All those who believe in Jesus are called to gather as one in Jesus’ majestic name, to share in one faith.

In this book, the author looks at how Christianity can and must play a crucial role to resolve problems of tribalism, xenophobia and racism arising in cosmopolitan cities. Cities and towns are no longer homogeneous. The phenomenon of globalisation and the social, economic and political situations of many countries push people to migrate and immigrate in search of green pastures. One cannot imagine a city lived by one tribe or one race or by citizens of the same country.

As a Christian and clergy, the author wants to preach the Good News of salvation, spreading the Gospel of love, unity, justice and peace, respect and dignity of human life.

Questions are posed:

What do we do as Christians, regardless of our religious affiliations, to eradicate in the light of the Bible, the evils of tribalism, xenophobia and racism?

Can the Bible give us practical answers to the vices brought by modernity and secularism in our cosmopolitan cities?

Let us explore with the author this exciting journey of faith.

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